24 May 2006

Rising to the occasion

[Posted by Colin]

Hope you haven't missed us! Amy and her parents left early Monday morning—early, as in the shuttle picked them up at 4:35 am. They are currently in Berlin and head to Prague tomorrow, then back to Paris next Monday. Again, they're traveling early, the plane arrives in Paris at 7:45 am! Even though Amy is suffering greatly by taking such early flights, at least we can look forward to seeing some cool pictures in a few days!

Meanwhile, Didg and I are holding down the fort. He really misses his mommy. The first two days they were gone, he barked everytime he heard someone on the stairs, thinking mommy was coming back. Now he seems to have given up his lease on life. When I got home from Rachel's this evening, he very energetically (but silently, thank goodness!) greeted me at the door as if to say, "Phew! I thought you had left me, too! I mean, you disappeared and left me alone for a whole four hours!" Right now, his head is in a puddle of drool and I just heard a very labored sigh that seems to say, "I miss my mommy." I'd post a picture, but Amy took the camera.

Other than Didg moping, I'm just trying to get some work done. I spent this afternoon working on the paper that I'm giving to the Royal Musical Association in July. Let's not talk about what I've done the last two days. Let's just say that I've finally reached the point where I really appreciate and understand the comic strip "Piled Higher & Deeper."

Last bit of news—tomorrow is another jour férié (like a federal holiday in the US or a bank holiday elsewhere), Ascension. For the non-Catholics out there, this marks the fortieth day after Easter and the day that Christ ascended to Heaven. More importantly for the French (after all, France has an official separation-of-church-and-state policy), this means that a four-day weekend starts tomorrow! Even better for some, this Sunday is Mother's Day. That's right, two of the four French holidays in May in one extra long weekend (the other two, Labor Day and Victory Day, were the first two Mondays and meant that May started with back-to-back three-day weekends). Does life get any better?

So...in the spirit of the holiday season, let me rise up and say to SDMom:

Happy Mother's Day, don't work too hard, and here's to another election victory in November!


At 26/5/06 03:29, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I got your Mother's Day card today, right on time since it's a French card!

I wish I could follow the "don't work too hard" advice, but having just got back from 3 days in DC, and with an election in 12 days, the taking it easy will have to wait. We're sure looking forward to seeing you in 3 weeks -- can't believe the time is almost here. Maybe we'd better start playing those French language CD's at night so we can learn by osmosis!

SD Mom


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