06 May 2005

I'm not a hardened criminal!

My husband and I are working on our visa applications now. According to EVERYONE I've ever talked to about this subject, I am about to embark on a bureaucratic process that is about as much fun as trying to negotiate with a wild animal.

Among my many tasks, I had to go to the Police Department and request a copy of my criminal record. Of course, I am just about the most vanilla person you'll ever meet in terms of breaking the rules (I often feel guilty for speeding and jaywalking). And yet, I was really nervous to request this document. What if I had an outstanding warrant? What if they had me mixed up with another person, and I was arrested on the spot for murder?

Well, I am pleased to announce that I am not a hardened criminal - in fact, I have a squeaky clean record! (Guess they don't count parking and speeding tickets) The best part is that you get this nice certificate with a gold embossed seal on it - it totally looks like an award that I could have framed and mounted on my wall. Imagine that ... you go to someone's office, and on their wall, they have a beautiful certificate that proclaims "A search of the Police Department records does not reveal any record of arrest by the Police Department." Not exactly comforting ... or maybe it is. Hmm, would I want my OB/GYN to have that displayed in the waiting room??

In other news: we got our lease confirmation via e-mail. We have a quaint/charming (read: old and small) apartment in the 14th arrondissement of Paris, as of September! Actually, I think it's going to be a really nice place, but I'm enough of a spoiled brat that anything with less than two bedrooms sounds terrible. By Paris standards, I think the place is going to be great.

Au revoir, mes amies! Until next time...


At 2/8/05 22:55, Blogger keelyerin said...

"i'm not a hardened criminal." haha!

that's right up there with the one you said yesterday: "i'm not a pathological liar."



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