07 October 2005

Ray Charles & French Idol do NOT mix

Let me make this perfectly clear:

A guy named Jean-Luc and a guy named Pierre should never, ever, ever sing anything by Ray Charles. Worse yet, Pierre is one of those guys who has short bangs. EEEWWW!!

The French version of American Idol, Star Academy, is on right now. They just sang "It's alright" by Ray Charles, and it was abundantly clear that neither singer knew any English. Plus, the call-response part was a catastrophe because they kept singing different words. One would sing"UH-uh" when the other one would sing "OH-oh" -- and then, in a moment of sheer unintended comic genius, the host came running in and sang the call-response until they did an ENCORE!

*Sigh* Much like a good barbeque, there are a few things that Americans do better than the French.


At 8/10/05 03:21, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I seriously thought this picture of Pierre was a movie still from the 1960s Sci-fi classic "Planet of the Apes." My dear sweet God.



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