02 August 2006

Is anyone else tired?

At long last, our journey has truly come to an end. In the past five days, we have visited 8 different states through 2 plane flights and a heck of a lot of driving! But, we are safely back in Ypsilanti with our new (to us) car and an apartment with boxes that need to be unpacked.

So, where do we go from here? Other than unpacking and de-worming our dog (more on that in a future post), we have a lot of errands to run between various appointments, meetings to catch up with friends, and (hopefully) more job interviews. I had one job interview last Thursday, but I haven't heard anything back yet. Not sure if that's good or bad, since they are trying to decide quickly on who to hire! But, I applied for two more jobs this evening, so the process continues.

For the moment, however, I think I'm going to follow Didge's cue and go to bed for the night. As always, there is much more to come, including the answer to the question, "Are you going to keep up your blog now that you're back in the US?"


At 5/8/06 14:02, Anonymous Muriel said...

If you decide to not continue this blog, I hope that you will start a new one. I - and I'm sure I'm not the only one - got used to reading your adventures and thoughts with much delight. I truly admire the way you both write and what you write about. So Amy, be aware that your Mom & Dad are not your only loyal readers!

I keep my fingers crossed for your interviews.

Je vous souhaite encore beaucoup de bonheur et j'espère que cette année en France vous aura enrichi et aura participé à votre épanouissement.



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