02 August 2005

It's a visa!!

OK, sorry, haven't posted anything in quite a while. Oh wait, no one reads this!!

Colin and I went to Chicago to pick up our Visas yesterday! Woo hoo! Fortunately, we were the only non-clueless people there, so we only had to wait for 9 people to get their acts together before we got ours. Only took about 40 minutes in line. We also have plane tickets on Air France ... I leave the 29th and Colin leaves on the 7th of September. Didge is all booked to fly with me - just have to get him certified by the USDA!

Now that we have the Visas in our possession, things are going very quickly. We've sold a car, and I'm selling a bunch of stuff on Ebay. (My seller name is amy7252, if you want to "support the cause" and bid on stuff!) We've got one car left to sell, and already have a few interested people, so here's hoping that we get our asking price out of it!!


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