09 October 2005

La McMondialisation

Call it what you want: globalization or la mondialisation ... the more connected our world becomes, the dumber some of our fellow human beings become.

Case in point: I briefly mentioned the whiny college students from Ireland in my last post. (I think I forgot to mention that they were all Americans on study abroad programs.) One of the first things I noticed after the group sat down was that one of the girls was carrying a McFlurry cup from McDonalds.

A McFlurry?? Are you f*&%ing McKidding me?!? This girl was in FRANCE, just outside of PARIS nonetheless, with a million choices for amazing desserts, and she chooses a McFlurry? Has anyone had a McFlurry?? No one in their right mind would choose this in France, much less any average US interstate rest stop that had more than one choice for desserts. For heaven's sake, woman, get a frickin' crepe with Nutella in it. Show some self respect!

OK, I'm better now. Seriously, it was a great weekend. :)


At 11/10/05 20:28, Anonymous keely! said...

*timidly raises hand*

i would choose a mcflurry over nutella....

i could never be european! i think nutella is VILE! it would take a CASE of orangina to wash it down :)


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