15 November 2005

Calling in sick

This is the first time I've called in sick to a blog! The sore throat turned into a lovely little cold that basically makes me a total pain to be around. All I want to do is sleep all day, which means I'm wide awake at night. Somehow, I doubt that Slaughter had me in mind when they penned the brilliant words "up all night, sleep all day." (That's the crappy metal band that wrote that song, right??) Anyway, my postings probably won't be daily this week, since no one wants to read the sordid details about my Kleenex usage habits.

In case you're wondering, I did try to fix my cold-induced sleeping problem. Under the "brilliant" assumption that all problems can be cured with medication, I popped an over-the-counter sleeping pill two nights ago. I thought (naively) that it would help reset my internal clock. Ha. Instead, my body rewarded this stupidity by making me nauseous and dizzy. Rather than blissfully sleeping through the night, I spent it praying to the porcelain god. (No offerings made, I'm pleased to report.) So, I swore off Simply Sleep all together and decided to simply go with whatever happens. Hey, I was only up until 3 am last night! That's progress, right? *Sigh.*

From now on, I'm sticking with my original mantra: "Ah, alcohol: the cause and solution to all of life's problems." Thank you, Homer Simpson, for reminding me that wine would have worked better, and been a heck of a lot more enjoyable. :)


At 16/11/05 23:19, Anonymous monica said...

Holy crap! That traffic in that roundabout at Arc de Triumph is insane!!!

At 17/11/05 12:06, Blogger petersonet said...

NyQuil. Do it. Now. Then the alcohol; we'll hear from you in a week when you wake up.

At 21/11/05 18:29, Blogger JODSTER said...

I fyou think traffic is bad there, try crossing it on foot without realizing there is an underground path...

I was such a fool. An almost dead fool. But a fool none-the-less


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