04 November 2005

Paris Riots

Just a quick note to reassure everyone that Colin, Didge and I did NOT cause the riots in Paris!

On a more serious note, we really haven't noticed anything different in our "neck of the woods" so to speak. Colin says that he thinks the number of emergency vehicles heading through Port d'Orleans has increased, though I'm not sure that's really the case. He tends to be a little more observant about things like that.

We got an advisory e-mail from the American Embassy today that basically warned us not to go to the neighborhoods affected and to leave any place where demonstrations seem to be picking up steam. So basically ... business as usual for us! We don't have a reason to go to the neighborhoods involved, so there shouldn't be any problems.

If you want background on the cause of the riots, here is a CNN article (you can click on the title of this blog posting to go to it):


Hope everyone has a lovely weekend!


At 7/11/05 22:23, Blogger Scott P. Shields said...

Well, Amy and Colin not being responsible... I'll buy that. However... Didge... now there's an international incident just waiting to happen! :) But hey... had he actually caused all of this, a little ghetto-puppy charm and this would have been over real quick. :P

At 8/11/05 21:45, Blogger JODSTER said...

I do hope you stay safe during the next short while.


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