29 November 2005

i go to bed in my tighty whities with no shirt on

I had originally planned to blog about my wrestling match with Didge today. During our morning walk, he found yet another discarded baguette on the street, and I was bound and determined not to let him eat it. (For the record, I won.)

Fortunately, something much more important came up in the meantime.

Background: For a while now, I have been looking for a hit counter so that I could see how many people are still visiting my blog. (The comments have dropped off, so I wondered if I was just writing to entertain myself.) Thanks to fellow blogger "Jodster," I found out about Site Meter, which is a free statistics-gathering service. I uploaded it to my site late last week, and have been enjoying the results thus far.

One of the bits of data that Site Meter collects is a list of web pages that have referred people to my site. Here's where it gets interesting. Someone in West Virginia found my page by going to the Yahoo! Search Engine and looking up the following:

i go to bed in my tighty whities with no shirt on

I have sooooo many comments to make on this ... and I bet you do, too! But since it's my blog, I get to start. You know where to leave your input. :)

First off, should I be relieved or concerned that my blog showed up as a search result for this string? OK, so it came up because someone used the phrase "tighty whities" when commenting on my October 4 posting. (That's the one where we were trying to figure out what the "no" sign at the top of the Arc de Triomphe meant.) I guess knowing the reason why I came up is somewhat reassuring.

Additionally, my blog was search result number 61, so I thankfully didn't come up first in line. Of course, this instantly makes me wonder: what DID come up first? So, after duplicating the search, here are the top five:

#1 -- Marc Ecko's 1UP Blog: The Infamous Captain Underpants"
#2 -- ItaliaWrapUp.html
#3 -- Prison Pete
#4 -- dreamstarsghandi's Xanga Site
#5 -- Where the Hell Was I?

In a nutshell: other people's blogs came up! Ha ha.

Wait, maybe I should be jealous because my blog didn't beat out the others? Nah, I'm OK with being #61. Anyone who voluntarily calls himself Captain Underpants (infamous or not) deserves to show up earlier.

Now, as for the guy in Blue Jay, West Virginia who thought up and performed the search (I'm assuming that the searcher was a guy, since girls wouldn't wear tighty whities, and I like to think that it's a confession) ... hey man, that's WAY more information than I needed.

If it's not a confession, then what on earth was Mr. West Va. looking for?? Apparently, he didn't have much luck finding what he wanted, considering that he went all the way to result #61 and still clicked into my blog. Curiously, he didn't stay for any amount of time, so I'm assuming he saw my blog, thought, "Nope, that's not it," and moved on.

Hmm, the more I think about it, the happier I am that my blog, nor I, wasn't "it" for him.

Another issue ... this person was searching for this at 9:30 am on a Tuesday morning (his time, not mine). Does this person work? If so, is he performing this Yahoo! search at work? What kind of dead-end job would you need to have to be searching the web at that hour in the morning for entertainment? And if he's not at work, shouldn't he be? Or shouldn't he be looking for a job if he's got this much free time? (Yea, yea, easy to say for an unemployed woman such as myself, but you don't see me surfing the web for likeminded people who sleep in similar ensembles.)

Hey, once I post this blog, will I come up higher in the search results? Let's find out....

--2 minutes later--

Now I'm number 65 on the search results page. I went DOWN? What the heck??

Seriously, comments are welcome (and encouraged) on this one.


At 29/11/05 23:32, Blogger Linda said...

Omigosh...All this time I assumed they were Tidy Whities. Tighty Whities has an entirely different visual involving some sort of discomfort. Isn't this interesting. And, your blog probably came up because it became public knowledge that Didge sleeps in the buff!
Sabra's Mom

At 1/12/05 02:29, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You're back up to #62. You know what would be really funny? If the phrase "i go to bed in my tighty whities with no shirt on" ends up making the Yahoo! Buzz category because so many people start searching for that phrase after reading this entry. I wonder what possible explanation Yahoo! would come up with if that were to happen. -Coop

At 1/12/05 20:50, Blogger Useless Man said...

An Msn search of most Useless Advice ever brings us up as #1

We came up #4 in an MSN UK search for "Men Blue Balls Testicles"

I don't know which one I'm more proud of.


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