01 December 2005

Profile: amy7252

As many of you may have noticed, I have a built-in spot on my blog to profile myself. (It's up in the top right-hand corner of the screen.) By now, if you have clicked on my profile, you know that I am a blank slate.

There is a very good reason for this: I feel too pressured to answer any of the questions on the profile sheet! Maybe it stems from not getting to sit with "the cool kids" in the high school lunchroom, but I have a really hard time throwing my real self to the proverbial wolves for fear that someone will disapprove. No, I'm not worried about defending my political views or beliefs. I am worried about defending what books I read and what music I like.

So tonight, ladies and gentlemen, I ask for your help in describing me. Who is this amy7252, anyway? Most of you know me personally, so you should be able to offer some insight. If you don't know me, take a stab at it anyway. I might learn something about myself.

Specifically, here are the questions with which I need help, as posed by the good folks at Blogger.com.

Favorite Movies:

Favorite Music:

Favorite Books: I've been thinking about saying "I never learned to read."


About me:

Random question: Your people want to make a statue in your honor. What will it be made out of and what victory will it commemorate?

So, let's have it, cyber support group! Help me find myself!!


At 5/12/05 00:27, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It looks like no one is filling in your blanks yet! I remember that you like Bill Bryson books, and we've bought you a Nellie Furtado CD (if I got the name right). You're also amazingly psychic when there's any possible threat to Didge. Such as the time you left him at a new kennel and went back 5 minutes later and made up a reason to retrieve him because the place didn't "feel" right.

Maybe that will get some other readers to help make you less anonymous!

SD Mom

At 5/12/05 20:02, Blogger JODSTER said...

You could go with the Paris feel.

I know there was a movie about 15 years ago from France called (english translation) "There are some days and some moons." I'd have to look up the title, but feel free to use it. The only other French movie title I can think of is Last Tango in Paris, but I don't know if you dance...

Favourite Music could be Celine Dion. she's French-Canadian but we don't really want her. France can have her.. .

Favourite books has to include The Little Prince that most high school kids had to read here for French class.

Interest could be other bloggers with props to your blogging friends. Or you could say cheese.

About me: Leave this blank. Seriously. Actually, I don't know why that would be a serious topic at all..

Random Question? I think you have to celebrate the victory of expanding culture by moving to France. But that's too obvious. How about a victory of carpet recovery after all those little doggie messes? The trophy could be a golden doggie mess, but made out of real dog mess wrapped in golden foil, like a candy bar. They award it warm so you can mold it however you like..

Now I've gone too far..

At 5/12/05 22:01, Anonymous madame rosmerta said...

favorite movie: an american werewolf in paris. oh wait, was i not supposed to give that away? sorry!

favorite music: the mizzou fight song, natch!

favorite book: anything involving carmen sandiego (you geography, girl, you!)

interests: hang-gliding, rockclimbing, deep-sea diving, motorcross racing (don't you sound interesting!?)

about you: beautiful american expat in paris, training to be a woman of leisure and french babysitter. hopes to eventually set the world record in continuous loops around the louvre (in talks as we speak with the guinness book people)

your statue....hmmm....i'm going to have to think about this one.


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