10 March 2006

Contest Winners

OK, so it took me a few extra days to announce the contest winners ... I got busy! Anyway, it's not like I'm awarding Oscars or anything.

Best Long E-mail: Ryan C., for "GIS and other topics..."
Ryan not only gave me practical information about brushing up/improving my GIS skills, but also gave me an update of what's going on in his life. A nice blend of info made for a great e-mail!

Funniest E-mail: Sue R., for "Weird news"
Sue gave us a quick, but hilarious update about the goings-on in her part of South Dakota. From government embezzlement to a guy who drove his car into a slow-moving train, there was much to chuckle about. So much for all of you who thought nothing happened in South Dakota!

Best Short E-mail: MOMom, for "Here's your e-mail!"
While the subject line isn't brillant, Beth made up for that in substance by giving me a really juicy piece of information about her soon-to-be-retired lifestyle. (Nothing dirty, folks ... this is my mom, after all!) Just in case this tidbit of info is still under wraps, I'll refrain from sharing her news here.

Best Cop-Out E-mail: Tom & Sue R., for "Fwd: FW: Rejected Titles for Brokeback Mt."
Not only was this a lame way to enter a contest (come on, did you really think a forward would win??), but "The Good, The Bad, and the Fabulous"?

Rookie of the Year: Kate W. for "Hello"
To be fair, Kate is pregnant and as such is probably too busy nesting to send e-mails in her spare time. Or maybe her pregnancy amnesia caused her to forget me until her husband told her that I wanted e-mail? Either way, don't worry, Kate. I was glad to get the e-mail anyway! Keep on gestatin'.


At 16/3/06 19:44, Blogger JODSTER said...

Where did the time go? Did I even remember to enter this?


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