13 February 2006

26 hits, 2 e-mails ... you do the math!!

Oh yes, I can see you now, my dear reader. Yes, you! The one who is "supposed" to working right now, but instead, is checking to see if there are any updates on the blog. So far, there have been 26 of you today alone.

And yet, I have two e-mails in my e-mail inbox. Two.

Now look, I know that your life probably doesn't seem as glamorous as mine (yes, that was intended to be dripping with sarcasm), but I still find you interesting! You know what's going on in my life ... what's going on in yours? What am I missing by not seeing you every day?

So, here's the new contest: the person that sends me the best e-mail gets a postcard. There will be multiple winners because I have five categories:

* Best long e-mail (just remember that quantity doesn't always mean quality)
* Funniest e-mail
* Best short e-mail
* Best cop-out e-mail (i.e. you technically send me an e-mail, but it's not really in the spirit that inspired this contest)
* Rookie of the year (i.e. the person who, by actually sending me an e-mail, will disprove one of my theories about him or her: 1) I assumed he/she was dead. 2) I assume he/she had joined the witness protection program, 3) I assumed he/she did not have an e-mail address or had joined a cult that viewed the Internet as the devil.

Remember, you can't win if you don't play!!


At 15/2/06 03:35, Anonymous Anonymous said...

What's the timeframe on this contest? I am gonna be out of town for a few days far from civilization and desperately want to win 2 contests in a row!!! My refridgerator has a big empty space just waiting for a postcard!


At 15/2/06 13:40, Blogger amy7252 said...

Given that I've only received one entry, I think this contest will go on for a little while. (Sigh!)

At 15/2/06 17:09, Blogger JODSTER said...

I'm all over this. I'm going for longest... Hope you brought your reading glasses!!!


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