12 March 2006

Joaquin the line (ha, ha, get it??)

Just to add to my post about pollution, check out this picture that I took back in November. I never noticed it before, but look at the skyline behind this minaret on Sacre Coeur. I took this picture on a clear blue, cloudless day. Look at the brown layer of pollution! Wow, that is disgusting! I remember seeing a brown "casing" over Los Angeles when we drove to Anaheim from San Diego. I never thought I'd be breathing that stuff long term.

On to other topics, though. Colin and I went to see "Walk the Line" this afternoon. Wow, I loved it! I got totally wrapped up in Johnny and June's love story. It was really touching. (I won't go into detail so that I won't spoil it for anyone.) Overall, I thought Joaquin Phoenix did an amazing job of imitating Johnny Cash, especially with the singing. Reese Witherspoon did a good job, too, but I don't know June Carter's voice as well as Johnny's.

In terms of actors portraying real people, though, no one can touch Jamie Foxx in "Ray" -- he was astounding. I had to keep reminding myself that it wasn't Ray Charles himself. Who would have thought that a former comedic actor would end up delivering such a remarkable dramatic performance? (Of course, I think back to Tom Hanks and his "Bosom Buddies" days, and realize that anything is possible.)


At 15/3/06 07:02, Blogger KatHarrmann said...

We just saw this movie too, and we LOVED it! I couldn't believe it was actually Joaquin Phoenix doing the vocals!! WOW! I was in the other room when Nate had the TV on and I could've sworn it was actually Johnny Cash! Pretty impressive!

At 16/3/06 19:34, Blogger JODSTER said...

Ewww... I live in a city that is like that all the time too. Oh well. I can only do my part.

Record highs for winter though... not complaining about that!


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