06 June 2006

Just a quick hello

Hi everyone!

We just got back from Normandy yesterday afternoon, so there is much to blog about when I get my act together. In the meantime, just a quick "news item" about my job prospects. Unfortunately, the community college I applied to is not going to fill the geography position this year, so I didn't get the job by default. I'm a little disappointed, but am working on applying to jobs at U of M. As long as I'm employed, that's the most important thing!

I was going to post a picture, but alas, the photo function is not working (as usual). Photos will come later!

My apologies, by the way, to everyone who is waiting for me to respond to e-mails. I'm way behind, but I will write you back!


At 7/6/06 06:49, Blogger CStaude said...

Lost your email address... Ed and I will be in Paris on June 15-18.... Hope to give you a call... or look you up... if you get this and can send me your phone number or email address before 5am CST... we leave for the airport at 6am...or email Kate and she'll give you Ed's Cell phone number... I don't want to post it on a blog! :-)

Hope to connect for a glass of wine and some good conversation!


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