12 May 2006

LA is for ...

Today's theme is LA, which stands for...

Los Angeles - The title of quite possibly the worst art exhibit I have ever seen in my life. Isabelle and I checked out the art exhibit under this name at Centre Georges Pompidou today. I guess the location of the exhibit should have tipped me off that I wasn't going to see photos of the American city. But, I had such fun with Isabelle last week that I hated to go back to sitting at a café table for two hours. Oh well, live and learn. Isabelle left thinking that LA is an incredibly violent place (which, depending upon where you are, is kind-of true!) I left thinking that the performance "artist" Chris Burden is in desperate need of some therapy. Sorry, Chris, but nailing yourself to the back of a Volkswagen Bug is not my idea of art. It's a cry for help!

L'Ascenseur - Otherwise known to those who parlez anglais as the elevator ... which WORKS!! Finally!! The inside is exactly the same (no new carpet, oh darn), except that there is a new control panel with only one, clear option for calling for help. The other fun part is that: A) it moves silently (Didge won't be provoked into barking when someone takes the elevator now!) and B) it doesn't bounce suddenly when you reach your floor.

MoMom and MoDad, don't be alarmed to see the read-out to the left (floor one-half). We actually want the elevator to stop between floors! (If it doesn't, we'll be stuck in a box slightly larger than a casket.)


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