14 August 2006

Random thoughts on a Sunday night

I love this picture of Didge. I took it back in April 2005, when Colin and I had the mutt in a tub at the Dog-O-Mat in Ann Arbor. Needless to say, Didge is not a big fan of bath time. He sort of puts up with it as a necessary evil. After Didge tipped over the kitchen trash can and strung the contents all over the dining room this afternoon, I'm tempted to give him another dose of bath time as sweet, yet gentle revenge!! On the other hand, he does love the hairdryer. I guess there's a bright side to everything when you're a dog.

Colin is currently booking plane tickets to go to his 10-year high school reunion. Looks like we're going through Northwest Airlines, a.k.a. NWA. I don't know about anyone else, but the marketing technique of calling this carrier NWA is ... well, weird. To me, NWA will always refer to a rap group featuring Dr. Dre, Ice Cube, and Easy E. Imagine what it would be like to fly THAT airline! (Out of fear for my own safety, I will refrain from elaborating on this idea in writing.)

Hopefully, Colin's reunion will be a success. I don't think it's nearly as well planned as my 10 year was, but since he went to a bigger school, there should still be a few people there. I have to admit, I'm really hoping to meet an ex girlfriend or two while I'm there! Time to get the dirt on adolescent Colin...

I have another job interview this Wednesday. It's possible that I'll have a job offer this week, too, but it depends on how quickly this particular unit decides to move on their final decision. It would be nice to be employed by the end of the week. As I told my parents on the phone this evening, it's a lot less fun to be unemployed in Ypsilanti than it is in Paris. (Hmm, imagine that!)

My e-mail inbox is empty. Sigh.


At 15/8/06 06:57, Blogger KatHarrmann said...

What a cute picture of Didge!!! He looks so funny!! You should see me when I'm trying to give Roxy a wash-down after we've been to the beach. I basically have to chase her around the yard with the hose while she scampers just out of reach. Ugh.

At 15/8/06 15:42, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your email inbox won't be empty for long...I will write as soon as I get the chance!


At 19/8/06 16:03, Blogger Andy Noverr said...

Enjoy the reunion. We went to Mairi's "five year" (I didn't even know they celebrated five year reunions) a while back and it was interesting to say the least.

Good luck with the interview. If the department knows what's best, they'll hire you on the spot. We sure miss you in our neck of the woods.


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