10 October 2005

A death in "la famille"

Well, this must be home. I've killed my first plant. I know, some of you will be shocked (i.e. you've only been there a week - what could you have done in that amount of time?) while others of you will be shocked (i.e. you've only been there a week - what took you so long?) Either way, I took a formerly lovely plant to the trash this afternoon. Colin had bought it for me as a welcome gift, and it was lovely. A beautiful bulb flowering plant called cyclamin, with pretty pink flowers. He got it because he thought that plant looked the most like tulips, my favorite flower. Anyway, I think my downfall was one of two things: 1) I didn't water the plant "in time" to make it happy or 2) When I did water it, I drowned it. Either way, when it died, it was an ugly, ugly sight to behold.

Other than the murder of an innocent potted plant, today has been a quiet day. Colin went off to do research, and Didge and I did our best to act out two of our most favorite deadly sins: sloth and gluttony. Sloth was easy - we slept in, went for his morning walk, and then came back for a nap. Gluttony, however, requires that I leave the dog behind in search of a boulangerie. Not that he couldn't come ... but have you ever tried to buy something while 50 pounds of, "Hey! What's that over there? What's this over here? Wait, can I have a bite of that?" is pulling on your arm? It's not easy, I tell you! So, my fantasy of gorging on tartellettes aux fraises today was not fulfilled.

I suspect that I'm going to just crash this week and not do much touristy stuff. Didge seems to like the company, and I definitely like the lack of responsibility. So, other than taking lots of strolls in Parc Montsourris and reading all of the books that we have in the apartment ... I won't have much to report! Though I would like e-mail ... hint hint!


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