20 December 2005

Christmas/New Year's Decorations

Here are some photos of the holiday decorations in the 14th arrondissement, just to get you in the Christmas mood. Despite the fact that France is something like 90 percent Catholic, I have hardly seen any references to Christmas itself. The general wish is usually "Joyeuses Fêtes" ("Happy Holidays").

I was originally quite suprised by the lack of religious references and imagery, but now I think it's more to do with the fact that we're living in a big metropolitan area. I bet the smaller towns throughout the country have a lot more religious references. I'd be curious to hear from anyone living in other parts of France right now! If you have photos to share, let me know. I'd like to post them, too.

To the left, a flower shop. To the right, a jewelry store.
In the middle, the door to our apartment.

The jewelry store next to our apartment, from a different angle.

Lights over the rue d'Alésia, just up the street from us.
The middle oval in front says "Alésia en Fête" (it's not readable in this picture).

A very cute boulangerie/patisserie on the rue Daguerre.

A chocolaterie on the rue Daguerre.

A branch of Lenôtre, a really pricey but oh-SO-good boulangerie and patisserie. This is also just up the street from us, between our apartment and the rue d'Alésia.

One of the bazaars near our apartment.
I'm not sure if the circuslike feel is truly transmitted through this photo.

Street decorations at the corner of rue Daguerre and avenue du Maine.
The words in the center say "Joyeuses Fêtes."

Further down on the rue Daguerre, right where the main part of the pedestrian mall begins. If you walk through this passage, you'll hit avenue du Général Leclerc.


At 20/12/05 20:15, Blogger Lazy Susan said...

The French aren't very religious. I was in the country in a little inn (so to speak) and needed a Bible so that I could find the verse that I wanted to recite at a wedding later on in the day. My husband told me that I would never find a Bible in a French home so I shouldn't even bother asking. I found one in a church.

I would love to be there right now.

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