13 December 2005

Stupid dog.

Didge has a sweet tooth. The joke between Colin and I is that he "takes after his mother" i.e. me. Unfortunately, Didge's sweet tooth has gotten him into trouble on more than one occasion. There was the time when, as a puppy, he ate an entire bag of Oreo cookies. Then, there was the time that he ate two Hershey bars as an adult.

Then, there was yesterday.

I left Didge alone for about four hours so that I could go Christmas shopping. At some point in that time period, Captain Acrobat found a way to get up on to a counter in my bedroom and grab a very large box of chocolates. He ate every last bite. You can see what I was left with.

Lucky for us, Didge has the constitution of a vacuum cleaner. After a several hour vigil, during which we watched for any signs of poisoning, we realized that he must not have ingested enough to cause himself a problem. In fact, he wasn't even a tiny bit more hyper from the extra sugar and caffeine.

Stupid dog.


At 13/12/05 11:46, Blogger croust said...

By the way, if you're interested in learning more about theobromide (the chemical in chocolate that is toxic for dogs), just let us know. We've done lots of research by now...

Stupid dog.

At 13/12/05 15:01, Blogger Andy Noverr said...

That really sucks - a black lab of a friends got ahold of an entire back of Halloween Snickers and went right through it. They had to take him to the vet - luckily for you, Didge has the iron gut that would make a Mexican taxi driver proud.

At 13/12/05 21:43, Anonymous Frenchmama said...

I enjoy your blog! J'habite a Grenoble! I've been here two years and can relate to your stories. Also a mid-western transplant from Illinois. Have fun.

At 13/12/05 22:00, Anonymous Frenchmama said...

Here is a blog of our toddler's life in Grenoble:


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