07 December 2005

Photos from La Défense

Didge, Rachel and I headed up to La Défense this afternoon to see what was going on in that part of Paris for the holidays. There isn't much to report, though we had a lovely time. They have TONS of booths set up over there, selling lots of yummy food and great Christmas gifts. I plan to go back without Didge at some point in the near future so that I can actually shop. (He almost got his paws on an entire cake today. Yikes.)

This "fair" (or whatever you call it) is open through the end of December, so I suspect I'll be back a few times...

In the meantime, Rachel was kind enough to take the picture at the left of me and Didge. Since I don't have any news other than "we had fun today" and "it was warm again," I'll just post pictures for your viewing pleasure. Remember that you can click once on a photo to open it up full size in the same window you're in right now.

Season's greetings!!

Christmas tree decorated in orange.

Moroccan food cooked up fresh while you wait. Smells yummy!

Booth selling bratwurst, hot dogs, and toppings. Again, the smell is wonderful! We're definitely going to have dinner here one night.

A rather questionable use of English as a product name for a stick-on bra...Do you think the guy who named the product understands the connotation, and is having a good laugh at the company's expense?

Christmas tree decorated in purple.

A tired puppy wedged under our feet on the metro.


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