29 December 2005

Sex and (the Butte of) the City

[posted by Amy]

More sightseeing pictures from today. Joe, Kate and I headed up to the 18th to see Montmartre, Sacre Coeur, and the Dali museum.

Joe and Kate, enjoying the view from Montmartre, halfway up to Sacre Coeur.

The oldest street in Montmartre, on a cold December day.

Another oops with the English language. This one is at the Dali Museum. I don't even want to think about how you disturd! (This is a typo - the other signs said "Sorry for the disturb!")

A sculpture that includes one of Dali's famous melting clocks. Overall, the Dali museum was NOT worth the entry fee. (Adults are charged 10 euros, which is more than the Louvre!)

We originally intended to take the full walking tour of Montmartre, as outlined by Rick Steves in his book on Paris. Once we got to the bust of Dalida (the busty woman who "brought disco to Paris"), we got bored and headed on to the Boulevard de Clichy. At this point, I took the liberty of calling it the Rick James tour instead. (Wouldn't you like to take a tour recommended by Rick James, you superfreak?)

Once we got down to the Boulevard de Clichy, Joe made sure to snap pictures of Pig Alley (Pigalle). Why? Other than the giggle factor regarding the neon sex signs, they were simply following a recommendation from Grandpa Weber. You see, Grandpa told them that a friend of his said, "If you ever go to Paris, be sure to go to Pig Alley." Grandpa had no idea what Pig Alley was, so he made sure to have them go and check. Here's what they found:

Grandpa oughta get a good kick out of this! (He told Joe to take his pregnant wife to a sex district!)


At 29/12/05 22:19, Blogger Nando said...

gotta meet your grandpa. seriously!

At 29/12/05 22:44, Blogger croust said...

For those of you wishing to worship at the altar of French disco legend (or for those of you who just wonder what happened when the French got hold of disco), you can learn more at Dalida's homepage.


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