24 December 2005

Storming the Bastille for Christmas

Colin and I exchanged Christmas gifts today, since both related to this evening's trip to the opera. I got Colin a new coat and scarf, and he got me jewelry to wear with my opera dress. Just in case I actually need to say it, we were both quite pleased with our gifts to each other! (Don't we look cute?)

Once we were "all cleaned up," we headed off to the Opéra-Bastille to see L'Amour des trois oranges (The Love of Three Oranges), with music by Prokofiev. As near as we can tell, it was a full house tonight. We both thought the performance was excellent overall, though some of the dancing left a bit to be desired. (The choreography was fine, but the dancers were a bit of a mess, and one of the knife jugglers dropped his knives three times!) The singing was really great, as was the orchestra. Plus, it's hard to beat (much less find) an opera with a happy ending!

When we got up for intermission, I started to feel really uncomfortable in my dress because I was one of two people who actually wore a real evening gown. Yes, I had been warned in advance that there would be people wearing jeans, so I wasn't taken off guard. Still, I thought there would be a few more people who would have the sense to dress up to go to the opera in Paris! Fortunately, just when I was ready to slink off and hide in a corner, one of the ushers ran over and grabbed Colin by the arm. Once he confirmed that I was with him, the usher told him (in French), "It's always so beautiful to see a woman in an evening gown." Once I heard the usher say, "Très élégante, très élégante," I decided to straighten up my shoulders again and not worry about my ensemble insecurities.

I'm sure that a lot of people thought I was overdressed, but hey, at least someone besides my husband approved! Besides, if you can't dress up to go to the opera in Paris, what's left? I personally think that dressing up is a sign of respect to everyone involved in creating the show. These people spend countless hours rehearsing, not to mention the years of training they went through to get as good as they are in their craft (knife jugglers apparently excluded). The least you can do in return is pull out a pair of slacks and a tie. I don't care what anyone says, jeans are NOT dress pants.

Ah, I guess I was meant to live in the days when going to the opera was a big deal, and a place to see and be seen.


At 24/12/05 23:58, Blogger Nando said...

You both look great, guys, so why care about people in jeans? And, btw, even if I don't leave comments regularly, I always read your blog.

Merry Xmas!


At 25/12/05 03:59, Anonymous Dad (Tom) said...

Knife Jugglers start out good or you wouldn't be seeing them (or at least all of them)!! I agree you both look great in your evening attire!

At 25/12/05 08:31, Anonymous Anonymous said...

What a gorgeous pair! Merry Christmas, guys.


At 25/12/05 23:08, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Amy, you look goooorgeous! As far as Colin he's very elegant. You both look like bourgeois French people going to the opera!! I mean traditional French people. I still can't believe that people dare going to such a somptuous place in jeans!!! Arrhhh those French men..



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