13 January 2006

Last call on contest

[posted by Amy]

I'm having a hard time picking a winner on the current contest. Anyone have a favorite?

As a refresher, here is the mystery sign:

And here are the comments thus far:

1. No gimp-legged child molestation allowed!
2. No romantic, hand-in-hand walking of bald midgets.
3. It is nice to see that the gimp-legged bald man is abiding by the law and is walking by himself!
4. "Careful, honey, don't hit your head on the red-hot pipe".
5. Frustrated when they were turned away from Family Day festivities for violating the bald midget in a dress rule, Dr. Evil and Mini-Me vowed to sue for one-meellion dollars.
6. NAMGLA is not allowed. (Of course, the sign says nothing about NAMBLA...)

I'm torn between #2 and #5 for the winning postcard. What does everyone else think? Or do you have a last-minute entry that blows them all away? No matter what, I'll pick a winner by the end of the weekend.


At 13/1/06 20:40, Blogger Andy Noverr said...

Hmmm haven't visited in a while so I wasn't aware of the contest. My official entry:

Roman Polanski In Not Allowed In This Area


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