02 January 2006

The First Contest of the New Year!

[posted by Amy]

Colin, Joe, Kate, Beanie and I braved the long line to see Ste. Chapelle this afternoon. We stood in the security check line for a little over one hour, but I'm pleased to say it was well worth the wait. Plus, we had nice weather for it, despite the gloomy weather predictions.

I almost hate to post any of my pictures of Ste. Chapelle's interior because they don't even remotely do this place any justice. It is, without a doubt, the most spectacular church interior in all of Paris. The mosaic tile altar in Sacre-Coeur comes in at a distant second, which is tough for me to say because I have always loved that interior, too. (Mosaics are in my top five favorite genres of art.) The Rick James tour says that this church is a quintessential example of Gothic architecture. This photo of the ceiling is one of my better pictures, so I'll post that instead of the mediocre shots of the spectacular stained glass windows.

If you want to see a video of the interior that doesn't do justice to seeing the place in person, I've posted one on my Youtube site. (Link is in the sidebar to the right.)

But now, on to the business of the day. I have a new contest! The person who comes up with the most humorous explanation of the following sign will win a postcard from me:

For a change, I do know what the sign actually means, so I guess I'm disqualified from the contest. If it helps, here is a photo that provides a bit of context around the sign:

Post your captions to the comments section!!


At 3/1/06 06:28, Anonymous Anonymous said...

No gimp-legged child molestation allowed!

At 3/1/06 06:29, Anonymous Anonymous said...

No romantic, hand-in-hand walking of bald midgets.

-Bill Trogdon

At 3/1/06 06:31, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It is nice to see that the gimp-legged bald man is abiding by the law and is walking by himself!


At 3/1/06 19:35, Anonymous normzone said...

"Careful, honey, don't hit your head on the red-hot pipe".

At 3/1/06 23:30, Blogger Scott P. Shields said...

Frustrated when they were turned away from Family Day festivities for violating the bald midget in a dress rule, Dr. Evil and Mini-Me vowed to sue for one-meellion dollars.

At 4/1/06 09:52, Anonymous Anonymous said...

NAMGLA is not allowed. (Of course, the sign says nothing about NAMBLA...)


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