14 January 2006

The Price is Right

[posted by Amy]

I submit to the jury a small package of Double Stuff Oreo cookies. For size comparison, I put it next to a Scotch tape dispenser, similar to the ones you can buy in your local store's school supply section. I bought this package of Oreos Friday at "The Real McCoy," the American grocery store in Paris (you know, the home of the famous unplucked turkey).

I ask you, ladies and gentlemen, to think about how much a person should be expected to pay for this treat. (There are 9 cookies in the package, which made sharing them between two people ugly.) Once you have a figure in your head, answer the following question:

How much did this package of Oreos cost me?
50 centimes
1 euro
1 euro 50
2 euros
3 euros
3 euros 50
5 euros

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