07 February 2006

Ending a 6-year-old debate

Yesterday, my beloved dog turned 6 years old. No, we didn't throw him a birthday party or anything over-the-top dog owner-ish. We were actually quite lazy, and spent most of the day either reading or calling Didgeridoo an old man. I had originally planned to write a tribute blog entry to my boy, but the inspiration just wasn't there.

Instead, in puppy's honor, I've decided to end a 6-year-old disagreement. Our dog's full name is Didgeridoo, after the Australian aboriginal instrument (he is, after all, part Aussie). My college roommate, Katrina, actually picked this name out, so neither Colin nor I can take credit for the idea beyond going, "Hey, good idea! Sold!"

The real dilemma is a spelling question. We call him a shortened version of his name on a daily basis, but Colin and I can't agree on how to spell it. I say it should be "Didge" and he says it should be "Didg."

So, I ask you, my faithful readers, to help solve this dilemma once and for all. Please, cast your anonymous vote for how we should spell Mr. Doo's nickname:

Which spelling should we use for the short version of Didgeridoo's name?
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Don't worry, we can't tell who votes what, so you don't have to feel guilty about siding with one person or the other.

And even though Colin says, "I don't have to accept the results of this poll," I for one am willing to take the chance that the rest of the free world agrees with my spelling.

Alternative spellings, as well as nicknames, can be suggested in the comments.

Happy voting!


At 7/2/06 07:34, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You should call him by his normal name, but spell it N-E-D.


At 8/2/06 00:18, Anonymous Joe W said...

Okay, if you want to be really technical...In most academic sources, your dog's full name is spelled Didjeridu. Look it up in Grove, Colin. =) However you spell it, he is still the only dog good enough for my leg. Happy Birthday Didje.

At 8/2/06 01:34, Blogger croust said...

Joe W.: according to the OED, "didgeridoo" is the correct English spelling; but any alternative that ends up with the same sound seems to be okay ("didjeridoo, didjeridu, dijiridu, etc.")

Following that logic, I suggest that henceforth, everyone should spell our dog's name:

TTODYAOETTEW, that's TTODY for short

[Pronunciation guide: the "TT" sound in "butter"; the "O" in "women"; the "DY" in "didya see Mizzou get shellacked again last night?"; the "A" in the British "idea"; the "OE" in "oenogologist"; the "TT" in "butter" again; and the "EW" in "yew"]

At 8/2/06 20:39, Blogger Andy Noverr said...

You're going down in a blaze of glory on this one, Colin.

Hasta pronto


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