18 March 2006


Colin has covered the facts of the protest, so I'll just interject with some of the photos I took. (By the way, I only took 70-some-odd photos and videos, which is lower than what we originally thought I had!) You can see a couple of the videos that I shot on my Youtube.com site. (Link is in the right-hand menu, or you can click here). My favorite video is the Sorbonnards' Polka.

Here is a long line of CRS (national police) vans, leading up Général Leclerc toward Denfert Rochereau. Police presence was very heavy today!

Some of the setup at Denfert Rochereau. Even at 1:45 pm today, there was a lot going on. If nothing else, it was weird to walk down the middle of this normally busy intersection.

On the left side of this photo, you'll notice a van with the side open. This guy is selling food (sandwiches, sodas, and the like). Colin and I were both surprised to see the abundance of makeshift food stands that appeared in the area for the "festivities." It felt like a street carnival!

There's always at least one guy -- you know, that guy -- who comes up with the most bizarre costume imaginable. Here is "that guy" for the day. (Secretly, I think de Villepin is behind that mask!)

This picture begins to show you the masses of people that were involved in the protests. France 3 News just gave the official estimate of 350 thousand people in Paris today. They also said that the anarchists and the CRS are clashing at Place de la Nation (the normal place I meet Isabelle for conversation!), and that there is at least one fire.

This one shouldn't need any translating.

Hey mec, just because we're protesting, doesn't mean we can't enjoy a brewskie on a nice Saturday afternoon!

Do you think this guy is climbing the stoplight because he wants a better view? Or is he just using this as an excuse to climb a stoplight without getting arrested?

A newly formed group, les Familles contre le CPE, represents families who oppose the law. According to France 3 News, there were a lot of multiple-generation families marching today.

As for Didge, he just doesn't seem to understand what all of the fuss is about. I guess if you go through life with a knee-high view of everything, labor laws just aren't as big of a deal to you. Ah, it's a dog's life, n'est-ce pas?


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