08 June 2006

New Photo Journal for a Lazy Thursday

I posted a new photo journal, covering our second day in Berlin. Here's the link.

Obviously, it's going to take a few days (weeks? months?) to get all of my pictures labeled and uploaded, so I'll post announcements as I get things done.

Colin and I are enjoying our first truly lazy day in a few weeks. Unfortunately, he's sick, so it's not as lovely for him as it is for me.

And then, there's Didge.

If one is to judge solely on the moans and groans coming from him, Didge is at death's door. Fortunately, we know our puppy well: he's just tired. Reeeeeeeeally tired.

While Colin, my parents and I were in Normandy, we "boarded" Didge with a very nice man named Cédric. Unlike a normal kennel, Didge got to stay in this man's home with about five other dogs. During the days, he got three hour walks in one of the forests near Paris. This, of course, is more excitement and exercise than Didge has had in months. Since his return home on Monday, his agenda has consisted of the following:

1. Hop on couch and pass out.
2. Wake up, shift around and stretch while belly aching.
3. Go back to sleep.
4. Get up, drink some water, maybe whine for a little bit of food. (Maybe not.)
5. Find a comfy spot on the floor and pass out again.
6. Repeat.

Today is Thursday, day four of the Didge recovery period. I've never seen him so pathetic. It's lovely!

When Cédric dropped Didge off, I was a little bit worried that he would tell me that he couldn't take Didge again because he was too much work. So, when we met up, I nervously asked, "So, how was he?" Cédric got a huge grin on his face and said, "He was great! You have a very good dog. A very funny dog. When he doesn't want to do something, he just sits and [picture a stubborn look]. When he wants something, he barks." Yep, that's my boy!

The only drawback to Didge's stay in the country is that his allergies seemed to wind up a bit. I think that this is contributing to his sleepiness, since I know firsthand how exhausting an allergy attack can be. He's a lot less itchy now, so I guess I can look forward to a crazy mutt again in the next few days.

(Just don't tell Didge that Cédric is coming back for him in about a week and a half...)


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