20 August 2006

No news is ... well, no news!

No news on the job front this week, other than a self-perceived successful interview on Wednesday. I thought it went really well, and the job sounds very interesting. Here's hoping that I make the second round of interviews. I'm supposed to hear either way in the next couple of weeks. In the meantime, I don't have a job offer from the place that I interviewed twice, which is OK. (Gives me time to stall on the job I interviewed for this week.)

Colin and I joined Joe, Kate, and Jack for a trip to the Eastern Market today. Other than being "somewhere" in the Detroit suburbs, I have no idea where we were. (I'm sure Colin will chime in and clarify.) We didn't end up buying much: a bouquet of cut flowers and some herbs to start a small herb garden. Still, it was fun to be out and about, and nice to see reasonably priced produce for a change!

Didge is slowly driving us insane with his excessive barking fits. I'm not sure what has him so unsettled, but he just barks all the time! It doesn't seem to matter how much exercise or attention we give him -- he still goes off like crazy. I'm hoping that the second round of de-worming treatment that we're going to start this week will help him feel better. Ideally, I'd like to get him into another obedience class, or maybe an agility class. I'm sure he's bored to tears laying around the apartment all day. Goodness knows I am!!

The only other thing occupying our time is the ongoing bookshelf project. I'm not sure if I've mentioned this in a previous blog, but Colin decided to buy two bookshelf kits from Lowe's and stain them himself. As it turns out, this is not any cheaper than buying real bookshelves, and is actually a HUGE time-consuming pain. We've only got one of four parts done because the humidity has been so high. (Nothing wants to dry all the way when it's humid.) Joe and Kate may never get their garage back at this rate, since we're using it for this little project-gone-horribly-awry.

So, as the days tick by and the bank account balance drops, I find myself more and more eager to be employed. I'm sure that I'll change my mind when I lose all of my free time, but for the moment, I find myself stir-crazy. If I still had my digital camera (sigh), I could at least go out and take pictures! But, no big purchases can be made until we have a steady income (bookshelves excluded, of course).

Ah, Paris, I miss you so!!!


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