24 October 2005

McDonald's IS good for something after all!

As it turns out, McDonald's does have one redeeming quality: WiFi. I've been able to upload all of my pictures using our laptop. OK, so I had to buy a coke and some fries, as well as endure the SCREAMS of children playing in the pathetic little playland, but it was worth it! (All I can say is that my mother would NEVER have let me behave like that. She would have knocked me into next week after the first scream.)

Here are a few pictures from my trip to Jardin des Plantes last weekend, since I wasn't able to post them. (As previously mentioned, I love taking close-ups of flowers.) Once I get things up and running at home, I'll max out Photosite so that you can see some of the pictures I haven't featured here.

[Pictures removed 1 November 2005 to make space for new pictures in later blogs.]


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