19 October 2005

A few Euros well spent

Hi, my name is Amy, and I am an Internet-a-holic.

After two 30 minute free sessions at the American Library, I decided that it was worth the 3 euros to hang out in the Internet cafe for an hour. 30 minutes just isn't enough time to answer emails, surf, blog, etc. And, now that I've found the apostrophe key (under the 4 key), I feel less stressed.

To pick up where I left off yesterday, I found the American Library in Paris and as of this afternoon now have a one-year membership. You can do internet stuff for free, but you sign up in 30 minute sessions, and there is almost always someone in line behind you. Yesterday, the staff kicked me off the computer because I wasn't officially a member yet, which is the explanation for the abrupt end to my last blog entry. So, I went back today with cash and ID in tow in order to become official. I also checked out 3 videos and two books, so that I'll have some in-house entertainment. Videos: Thelma and Louise (can you believe I've never seen that?), The Sixth Sense (another one I haven't seen), and Koyaanisqatsi, which is a really artsy one that Colin has been dying for me to see. The books I got: a cookbook and Europe by Rail. It is really hard to plan dinners when I have a dorm-sized fridge, very little cabinet space, and very little inspiration in the grocery stores because I don't always know what I'm looking at, and there is ALWAYS someone in a big hurry to look at whatever shelf I'm standing at. (OK, the last problem happened all the time in Meijer, too, so it's not like this is anything new!)

Probably the best thing about finding the American Library is that it renews my confidence that I am an intelligent person! I know, that sounds weird, but there is a big comfort in having the confidence to jump on a bus when you know the route without a map, go right where you want to go without feeling uncertain, and then be able to easily communicate when you get there. Both times that I left, I had a renewed desire to try speaking French and figure out things for myself. And, I am learning new French every day, that's for sure! I am picking up more from French TV every time I watch it, even though I only understand about 5 percent of what they actually say. I'll blog about my favorite TV show, A Prendre ou A Laissez when I'm back on a QWERTY keyboard again and can really type.

Well, puppy hasn't been for a walk yet today, so I'm off to the parc!


At 20/10/05 17:51, Anonymous Anne McGee said...

Don't feel bad about your english refuge, I AM fluent in Spanish, but I remember when I first studied abroad way back when, going to the movies was my occasional refuge, as in Mexico everything but kid's movies are subtitled, so with popcorn and diet coke, AH, American culture...(sarcastically)

At 21/10/05 23:26, Anonymous keely said...

hi. my name's keely and i'm an amy's blog-o-holic.

what am i to do without the daily post!!

At 22/10/05 16:42, Blogger Destiny said...

Hey Amy,
I can't figure out this Blog thing. I had a nice one written out then I lost it cuz I had to make my own account, I don't know. Long story short, Hi, How ya doin'? I miss you but you are an adventurer, like Amelia Bedelia(sp?) I don't know, I'm done. See you later. :) ~Destiny


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