29 October 2005

Don't judge a French woman until you've walked to a café in her shoes

In my ongoing quest to be more French, I purchased something that I never thought I would own: stilleto-heeled boots. They are gorgeous, make no mistake! And, of course I got a good deal on them. But wow, they are HARD to walk in! I found that if you stand up super-straight, it gets a little bit easier. I wore them to a café for lunch today, and had to change shoes before I came to the internet café because I was exhausted.

Here's the heel of one boot, taken as I sat at a cafe:

At least now I understand why people walk so slowly around here -- they physically can't walk any faster!


At 23/12/05 20:47, Anonymous Tammy said...

But it's the easiest way to carry a weapon on your person!

Clearly the French are walking slowly in case the need arises to whip off their boogie shoes and deal out a heaping helping of whup-ass!


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