25 October 2005

Pledge drive numero un

Friends, if you enjoy the quality programming that this blog brings to you, then won't you consider becoming a member of the "J'habite à Paris" family? All amounts are accepted, and we do take credit cards (just know that you won't get them back).

Here's how your donation can make a difference!

  • The "Toilette" Membership, 1 euro: will finance two trips to a public pay toilet on the street. With this level membership, both Colin and Amy can enjoy the privacy that only a timed metal box on the street can offer. Two or more "toilette" members will receive an emailed photo of the public toilette used.
  • The "@" Membership, 3 euros: will finance one hour of time at an internet cafe, which will allow Amy to continue to bring you high quality posts like this one.
  • The "Tartelette" Membership, 4 euros: for this membership, Colin and Amy will purchase two fruit tartelettes of your choosing and eat them. We recommend the tartelette aux fraises. Tartelette members will be mentioned in the blog, along with a photo of the wayward tartelettes that found good homes in our stomachs.

Folks, these are but a SMALL sampling of ways that your money can keep this blog going strong! In just a little while, we will tell you more about the advantages to premium membership, so get a pad and pencil ready...


At 26/10/05 09:06, Anonymous Anonymous said...

A trip to a public pay toilet in Paris, 1 EURO

Two fruit tartelettes aux fraises in a quaint French cafe, 4 EUROS

Three cute Pier Imports baskets for the apartment, 26 EUROS

Seeing a statue with white chocolate boobies on Amy's blog, PRICELESS

There IS more to life than money.

-Bill Trogdon

At 23/12/05 20:52, Anonymous Tammy said...

I am on week 5 of endless PBS pledge drives out here in Southern California. Which means I've seen the "Faulty Towers" special four times now (missed one while I was in Las Vegas).

I guess this is the downside of having 5 different PBS stations. The other ones are colluding: they only show crummy shows during the others pledge drives. :P


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