15 January 2006

And the winner is...

Congratulations to my brother for the winning caption to this French warning sign:

"Frustrated when they were turned away from Family Day festivities for violating the bald midget in a dress rule, Dr. Evil and Mini-Me vowed to sue for one-meellion dollars."

Here's what the sign really means:

It's on the back of this sign, and it indicates that you have come to the end of the pedestrian mall. Really clear, huh?!

In other news...
  • Gotta brag on my hubby's cooking skills. He made an AWESOME French dinner last night, complete with profiterolles from scratch. Heck,, I'm still recovering from the au gratin potatoes that he made, let alone dessert. (Insert an overstuffed-tummy sigh here.)
  • I started a second blog to practice my written French skills. Want to help me out? Visit and tell me what my mistakes are: J'écris en français. Yes, there will be A LOT of mistakes. But, that's how we learn, right? ;)


At 8/2/06 14:51, Anonymous Anonymous said...

More stories about Didg please!



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