17 January 2006

Taking a few days off

Hey folks,

I'm taking a few days off from blogging. There isn't much to report around here, and I'm assuming that no one wants me to start rambling about what métro lines I've been riding or what kind of cheese I'm buying at the grocery store.

In the meantime ... the Oreos cost 3 euros 50. I'm not sure what's worse: A) that they charge such a scandalous price for 9 cookies, or B) I paid it, despite my shock. (And no, it wasn't worth it: the milk is different here, and it doesn't go as well with Oreos. Sigh.)


At 18/1/06 01:41, Anonymous Joe W said...

I'm interested in what cheeses you are buying...But I'm probably one of the few. (Picture Kate rolling her eyes and muttering "cheeseboy" here.)


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