20 January 2006

Talk amongst yourselves...

Since I'm feeling a little verklempt, I'll give you a topic.

Kevin Spacey and Scarlett Johansen ... what's the caption to this picture?

Winner gets a postcard. Bonne chance!


At 20/1/06 15:17, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nice Panties!

At 20/1/06 17:35, Anonymous keely said...

"So, yeah, the bra shoves 'em up and makes 'em look like they're here on a plate...my, Kevin, you sure are balding, I've totally lost my train of thought."

"You know, Scarlett, if I just keep tipping forward then my nose will fit right in the..."


(and why are you verklempt, amy?)

At 20/1/06 20:35, Anonymous normzone said...

"Did you know that you can make a man laugh uncontrollably just by tickling his temple with your nose?"

At 20/1/06 20:38, Anonymous normzone said...

"Don't look now, but can you believe the mustache and sideburns on the woman to your left?"

At 20/1/06 23:52, Anonymous Joe W. said...

SJ: Kevin, I really don't think your contact fell down there! And didn't you have Lasik last year?
KS: Uh, no that was Kevin Pollack. Just give me a second to reach in and check.

At 21/1/06 02:55, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Given the fact that she was only nominated in ONE category and LOST to Rachel Weisz, a quizzical Johansson doesn't know how to respond to Spacey's comment in which he congratulated her for taking home two magnificent Golden Globes.

-Ryan Cooper

At 23/1/06 18:33, Blogger JODSTER said...


Can you imagine if they were out to HERE?

At 26/1/06 18:01, Anonymous Moca said...

Scarlet:...and so I told the guy, I think they're too big. You should take them back and give me a different pair.
Kevin: No, no. I think their fine. I like the size of your shoes.


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