19 March 2006

George Mason vs. Wichita State in the Sweet 16???

What in the H-E-double-hockey-sticks is going on with the NCAA tournament this year? I leave you guys alone for one year, one lone March Madness, and you literally go mad! Did anyone predict that George Mason would be playing Wichita State in the Sweet Sixteen? Up until this week, I wasn't actually aware that either school even had a basketball team! And what about the "B" schools, Bradley and Bucknell? (Also known as my two new favorite schools because they both have the distinction of whoopin' up on Kansas in the first round of the NCAA tourney.)

But most important of all -- how can I be missing this?! I haven't watched a single basketball game this season. Crazy. (Needless to say, my bracket is ... um ... less-than-accurate.)


At 20/3/06 00:04, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Don't worry -- I'll bet almost everyone who's been watching basketball all season also has brackets that are "less than accurate". I guess that's why they actually play the games!

SD Mom

At 20/3/06 02:34, Anonymous Joe W said...

Hell has indeed frozen over. As a native Hoosier, I have religously filled out a bracket since 1986. (I would have been 9 1/2 at the time.) This marks the first time since then that I did not fill out a bracket. Yikes, I need to go rent Hoosiers!

At least a Horizon League team (Butler's conference)--UW-Milwaukee--made it to the second round. Go mid-majors!

At 21/3/06 00:19, Anonymous keely said...

funniest thing ever was the other day when bradley was playing pittsburgh and the little score thing in the bottom left of the screen said:



i have an email in the works to you!

At 21/3/06 00:22, Blogger Andy Noverr said...

Luckily, we are running out of no-name schools beginning w/ b to trip up the Jayhawks in March. First round Bill is feeling the heat on this latest mishap.

Word on the internet is Huggy Bear Bob Huggins is interviewing for the Missery job.

At 21/3/06 12:37, Blogger croust said...

I don't know Anditos...seems to me that there's a lot of B schools who could knock KU out in the first round next year. Here's how they did this year:

*Ball State (9th in the MAC)
*Baylor (man, that would be great)
*Binghamton (2nd in America East)
*Belmont (made this year's tournament)
*Bethune-Cookman (3rd in the MEAC, but in last year's tourney, right?)
*Birmingham-Southern (2nd in the Big South)
*Boise State (7th in the WAC)
*Boston College (made this year's tourney)
*Boston University (4th in American East)
*Bowling Green (10th in the MAC)
*Brigham Young (3rd in the Mountain West)
*Brown (5th in the Ivy League)
*Buffalo (8th in the MAC)
*Butler (2nd in Horizon)

All I'm saying is that Kansas fans had better keep track of these 14 teams...and here's hoping that in 2007 the B's have it all over the Chickenhawks!

At 23/3/06 00:29, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey, Amy- It's Kim Stephenson. I would like to say that Bradley made it this year because I brought them good luck by moving to Peoria. However, we all know that is a bunch of bull. Bradley is actually my boyfriend's Alma Mater, so needless to say he is quite excited (and stunned) by their performance thus far. I, too, am just proud that they beat Kansas. :)

At 24/3/06 01:28, Blogger Andy Noverr said...

Huggy Bear has landed in Manhattan (KS, that is). The Mildcats' new motto: "Huggs, drugs and thugs! KSU is a basketball school again!"


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