03 April 2006

The Grip of La Grippe

As it turns out, I wasn't suffering from a massive hangover of epic proportions. I have the flu. Lucky me.

Speaking of unrest (ha ha), the CPE law is in effect now and the activists are not happy. There is another big nationwide protest planned for tomorrow, so you can expect to see burning cars on CNN by this time tomorrow night. I hope I'm joking! There was a spontaneous protest down the street from us this afternoon, where a bunch of high school kids blocked off the intersection of Avenue du Général Leclerc, Boulevard Brune, and Boulevard Jourdan. It was SO loud! Colin told me the details, since I was stuck in bed and he was at the grocery store at the time.

While I struggle to regain my health, here is another fun video clip:


I think you'll agree that this would be a lot more fun to see in Paris than what we get to see!


At 4/4/06 20:40, Anonymous Rachel said...

Get well soon, Amy! I'ma root'n fer ya!! And right down the block if you need anything. (but not Tuesday I am at a smoky lesson in Lyon all day for hours and hours and hours (:-)

At 4/4/06 20:42, Anonymous Rachel said...

er.... Thursday. The one time I don't preview my comment before publishing...

At 5/4/06 02:41, Blogger Joe said...

Get better Amy! I will only send Reese's PB cups if you are feeling well enough to enjoy them.


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