03 May 2006

More pictures from Keely & Brandon's Visit

OK, I'm having more luck with posting photos today, so here are the rest of the ones from Keely and Brandon's visit last week.

Happy birthday, Colin! I hired a cherubic artist to paint you a cow. (This is one of a series of cow sculptures around Paris right now. We can't figure out why the cow is the medium for expression, but then again, why not?)

While walking next to the fountains between the Trocadero and the Eiffel Tower, we came upon this naughty little statue. I can just hear the stern words coming from the scantilly clad woman's mouth: "I swear, if you try to tweak my nipple one more time, I'll break your finger off." Looks like he tried because his finger isn't there anymore.

OK, I've heard of art imitating life, but life imitating art? (Note to Brandon: watch your finger.)

How would you like to have your wedding day photos in front of the Eiffel Tower? Ah, if I did, people would probably just look at them and say, "That's a fake backdrop. You weren't really there!" By the way, I totally dig the bride's style here. Check out that hat, ladies!

But Mom, all the French kids are wearing this ... pleeeeeeeeze?

Rachel and I try out artsy photography while wearing our new sunglasses. Creative genius? Or just another Eiffel Tower sprouting from someone's head? You be the judge.


At 3/5/06 18:00, Blogger Joe said...

Colin has kind of an evil grin in that picture. It looks like he is readay to do one of two things: pee on it or do some old fashioned cow-tipping.

At 3/5/06 18:57, Blogger amy7252 said...

[gasp!!] I never even considered city-fied cow tipping! Oh boy!!

(if you see something on CNN about someone tipping cow statues, just remember that they tend to exaggerate the truth...)

At 8/5/06 13:12, Anonymous keely said...

amy!! thank you guys again so much for being fantastic hosts and paris tour guides :)

send me that picture of you and i, too! i want to put it up on my thing, too :)

xo, k


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