18 April 2006

The American in Paris

I finally saw An American in Paris last week. I figured that, after 6+ months of living the title, I was obligated to see what all the fuss was about. Honestly, I was a bit disappointed, mostly with the ending. I won't give away the ending here, but I thought that the resolution happened very quickly and left me feeling like, "That's it?" The bright side, however, is that Gene Kelly's dancing does not disappoint. Wow, that guy can move! He's so graceful and light on his feet, no matter what complicated steps he's performing.

I was going to write the majority of this blog posting on my general disillusionment with the US government, but I'm finding the words very hard to come by.


The rest of this blog entry just hit the cutting room floor. I needed to vent, but I decided it wasn't worth leaving up on the blog for the rest of the world to read. After all, I've got rhythm, I've got music, I've got Colin ... who could ask for anything more? :)


At 19/4/06 04:13, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Click your link to Intercept Exchange. I think this guy's opening the door for you to vent at the US government.

At 19/4/06 16:34, Blogger Joe said...

Wow, I feel lucky that I got to read the bit that was snipped. Vent away, Amy!


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