17 April 2006

The Bois de Boulogne

Colin, Didge and I went to the Bois de Boulogne yesterday to enjoy the nice (albeit cloudy) spring day. We were out for about five hours total, including métro riding and whatnot. Didge is an absolute wreck today, completely wiped out from all of the running around. (Happiness is a tired puppy.) Here are some pictures from our excursion.

We crossed the Avenue Foch on our way to the entrance, and got a nice view of the Arc de Triomphe. (Metro: Porte Dauphine)

A shot of the runoff from the Lac Inferieur in the Bois de Boulogne.

When we were still dating, Colin used to say that he always knew it was spring when the magnolia trees bloomed on campus at Mizzou. No magnolia trees so far, but hopefully, this will do! Welcome, Spring!

OK, so Baron von Haussmann destroyed the homes of countless poor people while renovating Paris in the 1850s and 60s. I'm still a fan of his because it resulted in a lot of green space, and the creation of such lovely landscaping as this faux waterfall! What a nice reprieve from the dirt and noise of the busy city.

You might notice that there is a person standing behind the waterfall (look for a red shirt and jeans). When we walked behind there, Didge finally won the battle to go swimming by slipping in before we could get him under control. He had a ball, though, as evidenced by the short video I shot. But, if you still don't believe that he had a good time ...

... here is evidence of his blissful happiness!


At 17/4/06 21:00, Anonymous Rachel said...

Gorgeous pictures, Amy. I wish I were there! Enjoy the wonderful scenery while you can. I know you guys do.


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