01 July 2006

Potentially my last post...

I really don't want this to be my last post, but I fear it may be ... Colin is making me go to a nearby stadium to watch the France-Brazil game. If they lose tonight, we'll have to walk home amongst angry drunks. If they win, it's a repeat performance of the other evening when my camera got stolen. Either way, I'm convinced that tonight is going to spell doom for me. Colin, of course, is far more optimistic, i.e. "You won't have anything for anyone to steal." Oh yeah? What about ME?? What if *I* get stolen? Hmm? Colin doesn't seem to have an answer for that yet.

On the somewhat brighter side, our friends Colin and Maggie will be joining us, so at least we'll be in a "group" of sorts. Safety in numbers, right?

Please watch the blog for cries for help ... I'll try to give an indication of where the kidnappers are holding me!!

And if I don't make it back, tell my mother I love her.


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