27 June 2006

This "sucks donkey balls"

I had a chance to chat briefly with a friend back in the US, who provided the quote for today's posting's title. Like me, she is job hunting (which is what "sucks donkey balls"). Mainly, I just hate writing cover letters. I either don't have enough room to say what I want to say (because who wants to read a multi-page cover letter?) or I have absolutely nothing to say and end up filling the space with meaningless phrases. Resumés aren't too bad, since you can pretty much use the same one with slight modifications. But, every job requires a different cover letter. Such a pain!! Despite that, I managed to apply for two more jobs today: one at U of M and one at Eastern Michigan (EMU). I doubt I'll even get an interview for the EMU job, since it looks like a fairly high-up supervisory job. But it seemed interesting, and we'll be living right across the street from the campus.

Things that also suck donkey balls: Colin is in Normandy right now (good for him and his parents, a bit lonely for me). Normally, I don't mind having a few days to myself, but he took the toothpaste and floss! ARGH! I just noticed this fact about two minutes ago, far too late to go to the store and buy replacements. Fortunately, I have mouthwash, so I could scrub my mouth out fairly well with that. I just know I'm going to have that nasty fuzzy feeling tomorrow morning...

Of course, I can't stay "mad" at him for this because our song just popped up on iTunes. It's kind of hard to clench your (gritty) teeth while your heart is melting at the thought of your first dance as husband and wife.

PS -- I'm uploading new videos to my Youtube site tonight.


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