22 August 2006

A blow to the ego

Ouch. I'm not sure what went wrong, but something clearly did. I interviewed twice for a position at the university, and after the second interview, the woman in charge told me that I was her top candidate. She even admitted that she rushed me through a second interview because she didn't want to lose the opportunity to hire me. Last week passed without any further information, which made me a little nervous ... but guess what? The job is reposted on the internet.

So, not only did I *not* get the job, but I didn't even get beat out by someone else! What the heck happened between interview #2 and now? I either said something really stupid in the second interview, or one of my references isn't being as helpful as I'd like to believe. I suspect that it is the former because I had already given my references to the woman in charge after my first interview. So, in theory, she would have called my references before calling me back for a second interview.

Yep, I'm feeling really awesome right now! *sigh*


At 22/8/06 02:11, Blogger Joe said...

So they did not even bother to tell you that you did not get it before reposting it? Something smells fishy in all of that...

At 22/8/06 22:21, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hang in there! We all know your great qualities... bon courage!!

At 23/8/06 02:39, Blogger Scott P. Shields said...

Call them and ask what happened. At least get the feedback. :) Same thing happened to me once. So, I retooled a bit and reapplied for the same job. I got an on-campus interview that time. Persistance can pay off!

At 23/8/06 04:18, Blogger Andy Noverr said...

Dude, WTF. That's strange. I say politics have come into play. Nothing you can do there. Muchos lo sientos.

At 23/8/06 15:22, Anonymous Laura said...

I say forget this job. If they are so unprofessional as to not even notify you that you were not selected, than you do not want to work with these people anyways. There will be a better job that comes along.


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