14 April 2006

Jackpot, baby!

I apologize for the Dickey-V-ism in my subject for today's post, but what else can I say? You are looking at a photo of Michèle Auric's signature!! Yes, Colin got a handwritten letter in the mail from her today, expressing great interest in his project and giving him permission to photocopy Auric items in the national library!

This is all a direct result of my chance encounter in one of the Paris cemeteries. If you haven't heard or read the story, here's the link from the day I blogged about it. Colin e-mailed the gentleman that I met that day, and he sent Mme Auric's current address. After two years of letter writing, he's finally made contact -- and he's the first musicologist to get a response. Ever. Not bad!


At 15/4/06 07:20, Blogger KatHarrmann said...

Way to go Colin! That's AWESOME! Good luck with all your research!! :)

At 15/4/06 20:04, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Congratulations Colin...that is excellent news! -RC

At 15/4/06 23:36, Anonymous Anonymous said...




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