05 April 2006

Not sprouting a beak yet

Hey folks, I am unfortunately still in the grip of la grippe. For those of you who don't speak the language, la grippe is French for hell on earth. If you know the story behind why I hate hummus, all I can say is: this flu is WAY worse.

Fortunately, eggs are not among the things I am laying these days, so I think it's safe to say that it's not the bird flu. I think the real problem is that I'm taking a bunch of homeopathic crap that the pharmacist recommended. I need some drugs with unrecognizable chemical names, man!

I remember thinking during my French lessons that it was odd to stress the word "biologique" (organic) as a key word to learn right away. Then, I moved in next door to a "para-pharmacy" with nothing but holistic remedies. Now, I am literally digesting this lesson in the form of activated charcoal gels that come in a tin suspiciously similar to what US gourmet lemon drops would come in. Sorry, but it's really hard to take a drug seriously when they have carefully packaged the instructions for use in an artfully designed fold-out circle. (One of the statements in said instructions really made me laugh, but it's a bit more graphic than I would like to post here. If you *really* want to know, e-mail me.)

Anyway, while I continue to languish in bed, I offer you yet another blog to enjoy:


The pictures on this site are hilarious! I had to stop looking because laughing hard hurts. (Love those flu aches!)

p.s. Colin is, once again, going to win the Husband of the Year award. The rest of you don't need to apply.


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