06 April 2006

A Threebee

As the saying goes, good things come in three's. Here are ours for the day:

1. I feel much better today!!! Though I'm not completely well, I was able to venture outside with the dog this afternoon, as well as pick up around the house a bit. From this point on, I will be referring to the past week as my own personal Paris Marathon. Why? Because I have no intention of running that much in a short period of time in this city EVER again. (And with that, I bring to an end the string of crass jokes in relation to my recent illness.)

2. Colin was offered a GSIship with Screen Arts and Cultures (formerly Film & Video) this fall at U-M! (To translate the Michigan lingo, he got an offer to be a teaching assistant.) It's a relief to know that there will be at least one income for us to survive on. No word yet on whether mine will come from a certain community college, but the position just closed last Thursday.

3. Colin also got accepted to present at the national meeting of the Royal Music Society this summer in Birmingham, England! This is a really prestigious conference to present at, so we are both very excited about it. He's hoping to make the Scotland and England trip at the same time, with a stopover in London in the middle to do some research and meet up with some friends. I, of course, am DYING to join him! At this point, however, it's going to be a neat trick to pay for his trip (damn that English pound...) so I'm not holding my breath. Of course, you're welcome to contribute to the cause through my tip jar! [insert sheepish -- yet charming -- grin here]


At 7/4/06 01:26, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Congratulations on both accounts, Colin (Amy, congratulations on surviving the French flu, too).
Amy, you can't take Didge to England anyway - someone has to stay behind and take care of him.



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