05 July 2006

What will happen?

So, as I was awakened today by the monthly testing of the air raid sirens (yes, that means I slept until noon) I wondered what sounds I would be going to bed to tonight. Will I be up late because I choose to be, or because the constant barrage of car honks and drunken revelers is too loud for me? Last night, I feared I was in for another night of celebrations after Italy beat Germany. (There are a few Italy fans around here, apparently.) Fortunately, it quieted down fairly quickly and -- if I had wanted to -- I could have gone to sleep at a decent hour.

It rained -- nay, thunderstormed -- overnight, so the oppressive heat has toned itself down a bit. Makes me glad I saved my errands for today instead of pushing through and doing them yesterday. Plus, I might actually get Didge outside for a real walk! I hate to take him out when it's so hot and humid, but I know he's going crazy locked up in the apartment with me all day. Poor guy. It must suck to be a dog, living at the whim of what your owner is willing to let you do. And, little does he know, he's about to make his second flight across the Atlantic! This next stop will be his seventh home in his short life, if you don't count the week we lived with my parents while I waited to get into a dog-friendly apartment in Missouri. He's a real trooper, I tell you! On the bright side (I think?), five of his homes were with me, so there is some consistency.

Well, I wish everyone a pleasant day back at work. Hopefully, you got your fill of yummy grilled foods and fireworks yesterday, and feel somewhat rested enough to head back to the grind.


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