01 July 2006


Ok, fine.

Colin, you better relish this moment.

You win.

Soccer is pretty cool.

By the way, we got home from the stadium safely. Now, we're listening to celebrations that are twice as crazy at the other night. And so far, no one has stolen me.

So far.


At 2/7/06 00:11, Blogger croust said...

1) I told you so.

2) For the record, Amy spent a fair amount of the game on the edge of her seat. When les Bleus put the ball in the net the first time, she leapt up and screamed as loud as anyone. She was also just as disappointed as everyone else when the goal was called back. When Thierry Henry did score, she even did a little dance!

Finally, the soccer bug has bitten her, now let's just hope that the fever lasts through the end of the World Cup!

At 2/7/06 01:05, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Don't get stolen!



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