27 August 2006

Aw come on, I don't need this!

So, I just got back from Meijer about 30 minutes ago (think Super WalMart, for those of you not in the upper Midwest or whatever region Michigan is a part of these days). Among other things, I was looking for a new toy for Didge because he could use something fun to enjoy indoors. Our favorite kennel, Arbor Hills, said that they blow bubbles for him, so I thought that would be a good and cheap option to entertain him.

As such, I was browsing the toy section of Meijer, trying to find the bubble stuff. I basically walked up and down the aisles because I didn't know what it would be grouped with.

Then, it happened: A toy robot puppy whined at me. It was the saddest little electronic whimper I've ever heard!

Come on, toy makers of the world, it's hard enough to go to the Humane Society and not come home with a new pet. Don't give me a guilt trip over a plastic dog!! Using a motion sensor to have your product cry when you pass it up? That's a low blow.

(By the way, HSHV is having a 20% off sale on adoptions right now ... go find yourself a *real* friend today!)


At 27/8/06 02:47, Blogger Joe said...

We discovered a while back that Homer is deathly afraid of toy dogs. My grandmother brought up a bunch of boxese of toys from when I was little. Inside was this little wooden toy dog that you pull behind you. She pulled it out the box and started to pull it behind her. Homer jumped up and raced across the room with his tale between his legs. He promptly jumped up into my lap and began trembling. He wasn't yet 100 lbs. then, but it was still rather uncomfortable. My grandma is still laughing about it.


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